Rebekah Belly Dance Biography
Rebekah belly dancing

Rebekah discovered her love for belly dance when she was a child. Her first public performance was when she was 11 years old. Since then she has studied with numerous teachers from around the world. Rebekah's shows have delighted thousands. Her performances include festivals, corporate events, restaurants and many parties. Her dancing has taken her as far as the Hyatt Regency on the island of Saipan.

In 2002 to Rebekah won the 1st place Peoples Choice Award for her outstanding dancing. She has placed high in many dance competitions, including winning 2nd place in the 2008 Double Crown Belly Dance Competition™ in the Gypsy stylist category. Rebekah is also an award winning bellydance costume designer.

She began teaching in 1994, and has directed several troupes of dancers, including Rebekah and the Brunette Beauties and Raks the Casbah! In Santa Cruz, she started the Belly Dance of Santa Cruz online group. The "BDSC" works as a base for belly dancers in and around Santa Cruz coordinate and communicate.

Rebekah is well known for her variety of dance styles. She has mastered many styles of belly dance from folkloric and classic to modern styles from several countries. Including Spanish Gypsy, modern and classic Turkish, modern and classic Egyptian, Armenian, Greek and Lebanese. See the belly dancing videos page for some samples of her various styles. Rebekah is also well known for her creative fusion styles.

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