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Belly Dance Links

Belly Dance Sandals

Aruba's Oasis, this link has been moved to the top of my list because I can not express enough how great these sandal are, I was a die hard bare foot dancer before I found these, I will not go back!

Great links for learning more about belly dance:

Oriental Dancer has many resources, all organised and updated very nicely.

Alexandra King is a fabulous classic style belly dancer and a good friend. I highly recommend her for workshops, videos, shows, etc. She is my favorite belly dancer in the world, and God Mother of Belly Dance Superstar Ansuya

Art Of Middle Eastern Dance has a wealth of information about belly dance, Shira has put together an amazing resource site!

Morocco (also known as Aunt Rocky) writes great articles that shed light on some of the myths about belly dance.

Aziza Sa'id has another great batch of information, so much, it's hard to get through.


Mediterraneo Productions brings some of the worlds most respected artists to the Bay Area and Santa Cruz, including Yousry Sharif, Nourhan Sharif, Karim Nagi (Turbo Tabla), Mohamed El Hosseny, and Suzy Brisbin!

Belly Dance Odyssey is a big producer of major belly dance events in Santa Cruz and the Bay Area.

Rakkasah is the biggest dance event of its kind and its right in Richmond, California

Desert Dance Festival is a fantastic event in the Bay Area

Belly Dancer of the Year is a very prestigious contest

Fantasy Festival presented by Tatseena

Belly Dance in Santa Cruz and the Monterey Bay area

Belly Dance of Santa Cruz Yahoo Group discussion board founded by Rebekah, great place to meet, and coordinate with Monterey Bay area belly dancers

Janelle is a great dancer and teacher, her love of dance always shines brightly

Janette is a wonderful dancer, teacher and friend. She brings many splendid dancers to teach workshops in Monterey, CA

Zorba, male Belly Dancer in Monterey, has a lovely website and he updates it regularly

Shanna is a beautiful dancer, has video clips on her site, and is the founder of the Yahoo group for Middle Eastern Dance

Raks Baraka fun local troupe, very sweet dances.

My Great Dance Friends

Natasha was one of my first students. She sticks to old style belly dance

Lesa , learned from Natasha, and went on to study with my favorite dancer Alexandra King

Yolanda is an elegant dancer and outstanding Web Mistress

Yoga with Phoenix Artemisia, Retreats, and santa cruz classes. She also occasionally offers a yoga warm up for Rebekah's classes.

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