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Belly Dance in Santa Cruz with Rebekah!

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Award winning belly dancer, Rebekah, teaches many levels of belly dancing classes in and around Santa Cruz! Rebekah also performs in many belly dancing shows and events in Santa Cruz, Monterey and the Bay Area.


Rebekah just moved back to Santa Cruz! New 4 week class! Starting October 5, 2016 She will be teaching new classes At Desert Dream Dance Co.Studio in Santa Cruz. Raks Al Assaya (Cane Dance) at Desert Dream Dance Company Studio.

Bollywood Classes in Santa Cruz and San Jose with Shaheen, director of Jewel of Opar. "Best Bollywood choreographies ever!" ~Rebekah

Watch for upcoming shows!

Check out and join the Belly Dance of Santa Cruz Yahoo Group discussion board founded by Rebekah. It's a great place to connect with all of the belly dancers in Santa Cruz!


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